On the internet, you will often find “myths” or “rumors” about stairlifts. While it is not hard to prove them wrong, they can still confuse potential clients. This blog will focus on some of the main misconceptions about stairlifts.

What are the most common misconceptions about stairlifts?

The stairlift cost is too high

Not necessarily. Prices are indeed constantly rising, but we need to take into account inflation rates. If we compare them with prices from ten years ago, a pattern will appear. Stairlifts are becoming more accessible. Also, the newer models offer a wide range of bonuses and enhancements. Even if the prices might seem hard, the benefits of the product will be huge. In reality, you are paying less and receiving more options on the table.

The power and maintenance costs are too high

New models follow strict efficiency standards. Often, the electricity usage is so small, you can barely notice it on the kills. If you use your stairlift a few times per day, the monthly cost won’t go beyond a few dollars. In fact, most other electronic devices consume far larger amounts of energy.

As for maintenance – as long as there are no serious issues, the costs are almost nonexistent. Even if a problem appears, fixing it will probably cost as much as any standard appliance.

The wall will collapse

Usually, the stairlifts are on the ground and not the wall. That way, the structure will be more stable and reliable. If you are still worried about something breaking, ask the installation team. They will tell you how high the weight capacity is. As long as you don’t put extra pressure on the seat or rails, everything will be fine. There are no reasons to worry yourself with such concerns.

What if the power stops?

In the past, this was a serious problem. Anytime the power stopped, so did the stairlifts. However, recent models can function without any problems even during a power-cut. Safety standards are constantly improving. If the stairlift stops working, that could create health threats for some users.

Nowadays, we use batteries for the job. They are reliable, safe, and can come in handy in those rare cases when the power stops. If the power is gone for a long time, the rechargeable battery can still last a few days. With newer models, the stairlifts will be able to function even longer.

Hopefully, the blog concerning misconceptions about stairlifts was useful to you.

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