For people with disabilities or general mobility issues, getting a stairlift would be a great investment. It will greatly help by giving you the freedom to move around your home or garden with ease. The benefits are many, however, there is an important question to ask – What is the typical stairlift cost? This article will shed some light on the subject.

Deciding Factors

There are a number of factors to take into account. Some of them are:

  • What type of stairlift are we talking about? Often, you will have to choose between a curved, straight, outdoor, or a hybrid type.
  • Are there any obstacles? Depending on them, you could need a large hinge rail, or perhaps remedial works. The installation process will vary greatly wheatear or not your staircase is smooth or has obstacles.
  • Another factor would be if you choose to buy a brand new stairlift or an older one.
  • The warranty duration will surely have a huge impact on the price.
  • There are maintenance costs as well.
  • Some people will also add a resale value.

What is the Average Stairlift Cost?

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There is no guaranteed method of calculating an average price. The cost will mostly depend on the type of stairlift. While hard to say for sure, most companies on the market will go for something along the lines of:

  • For straight stairlifts, the prices are the cheapest. Some key characteristics would be a normal length of thirteen steps, a two-year warranty, and a simple and easy stair structure.
  • For curved stairlifts, you will have to pay extra. In some cases – double if comparing with the straight types. As you know, construction and maintenance take more effort and require a stronger system.
  • About outdoor stairlifts – you will often find them the cheapest. It really depends on the location and length. These types of stairlifts also require protection from negative wheatear effects.

Often, these prices will not include additional costs. Always call a technician to conduct a survey and offer an accurate price. You should not worry about damage in the first one or two years as the warranty will cover it. Remember to take into account the size and shape of your new stairlift. If it is straight, you might be able to resell it in the future. Curved stairlifts are hard to sell more than once because of their unique, custom shape.


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