Buying a stairlift is a serious matter and there are some concerns you need to go through before making a purchase. There are important questions we need to answer before finalizing a deal. Clients often fear they might lack preparation or vital knowledge, and that is normal. It is their right to know. This blog will shed some light on the common concerns clients have before buying a stairlift.

There are three main types of staircases

They are straight, curve, and helical. Sometimes you will find a combination of two different types. The provider will have to measure and choose the correct stairlift for your home. Even if your stairs do seem weird at first, there will always be a way. No matter the curve, some models can still work perfectly fine.

Choose a comfortable seat before buying a stairlift

Before finalizing a deal, the supplier will discuss this with you. Seats vary depending on the users. Some seats are larger, others come in different shapes. If you have difficulties with bending your legs, be sure to mention it. In this case, search for seats which will allow you to sit with your legs in a straight line position.

Some minor changes might be needed before the installation

Often, a small part of the property might be in need of modifications. Nothing serious. Perhaps a radiator or the furniture is in the way, and the supplier will need to relocate it. Make sure the stairs are clear and safe before using them.

Carefully prepare yourself to avoid scammers

Thought it is a rare occurrence, thieves can pretend to be a part of the installation company and infiltrate your home. Always ask for an ID card before letting anyone enter. This is the one sure way everything will be safe. With each passing day, scammers figure out new, “creative” ways of faking phone calls. So, always be on alert.

After a deal, test the new stairlift

Use your “testing period” to try out the stairlift. Ask a friend or relative to help you out should the need arise. If you have any problems, be sure to contact the suppliers and inform them as soon as you can. Purchasing the wrong product can result in serious losses, so always choose wisely, and test to see if everything is comfortable and reliable.

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