The benefits of having a home stairlift are many. You can travel from one floor to another with ease. You will feel less stress and be able to enjoy a better life. However, as time passes, things will eventually require repairs. While you can always call for Acorn stairlift repair services, it’s good to take care and avoid damage in the first place; as much as possible. Here are a few good tips on how to protect your new home stairlift.

Always Read the Instruction Manual

After the stair lift installation, before doing anything else, be sure to read the manual. It will contain vital information such as what cleaning products to use, what is the maximum weight the chair can handle, and how the construction works as a whole. Every stairlift is different, so knowledge is key. Not preparing properly could be dangerous because every home stairlift requires great care.

Clean Often

Like any other device, you must spend enough time cleaning it if you want to extend its lifespan and keep a good appearance. Go through it once every week with a cloth and make sure no dust remains. Avoid detergents as they can slowly ruin your chair. The absence of dust will guarantee the wellbeing of your stairlift. By keeping clean, there won’t be overheating, parts won’t get stuck, and you will achieve good personal hygiene.

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Lubricate the Track

Another good idea would be to often lubricate the stairlift’s track. Not doing it could result in the chair getting stuck. That could happen at any moment and would pose risks for the user. The provider will include some supplies when doing the installation. If you order an Acorn stairlift repair for your home, you could ask for some extra lubricant in case.

Do an Inspection Once per Year

One time should do if everything else is ok. One inspection will surely uncover problems in advance and prevent serious damage to the entire device. A great solution would be to call Stairlift Pro Inc. for your Acorn stairlift repair needs. If any issues do occur, there will be a solution in no time.

Make the Best Choice

Stairlift Pro Inc. is a true industry leader. We cover different areas across New York and provide all sorts of bonuses. By choosing us, you will have access to top-quality Acorn stairlift repair services every day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Check our blog for other industry news and interesting topics regarding your home stairlift.

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