If you have any mobility issues, purchasing a new stairlift would be a great idea. It is a serious investment for the future and could go a long way. While a new stairlift will bring you the freedom and independence you need, it also has responsibilities to take care of. Not being careful could result in serious damage and pose both health and financial risks. If you care about these things you should spend a few minutes and read our blog. Here are some important safety tips for your new home stairlift.

Get a Seatbelt

Every car requires a seatbelt for safety reasons. Stairlifts are the same. Equipping one would offer great security while traveling up and down. The main cause of accidents on the stairs are people being distracted. New seat belts will greatly help by offering protection on every trip.

Always Check the Maximum Weight Capacity

Read through your instruction manual to better understand the limits of your new home stairlift. Going over it might break the device and put you in a dangerous scenario. Avoid carrying heavy objects with you. Always ask for someone else to carry your furniture or large electronics. Do not risk your own health simply because it looks easier and quicker to use the stairlift for such items.

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Be Careful While Riding

Never let water or other liquids touch your home stairlift. The device could suffer serious damage and a malfunction might occur while you are riding. Be cautious when getting on or off. These are the two moments with the highest chance of accidents occurring. If you ever run across any serious difficulties, call us because we can offer you the best Acorn stairlift repair services in Brooklyn, New York.

Tell Your Guests to Keep Their Eyes Open

When inviting people to your home, you should always inform them to tread lightly near the stairlift. While such devices are strong, there is no need to risk someone hitting them. Warn the guests to be as careful as you are.

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The final tip is doing maintenance once every year. This way, your home stairlift will remain secure and in top condition. Doing a check up every once in a while is vital for both your own and your stairlifts security. Our company can help you with Stair lift installation and Acorn stairlift repair. Make the right choice by contacting us today. Check out our blog for other interesting and important safety tips. Take good care of your Acorn stairlift by following our tips.

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