When it comes to stairlift servicing, a popular dilemma would be whether to rent or purchase a new product. What should you do? Which option is cheaper in the long-run? Does the quality change between these scenarios? Will stairlift installation and stairlift repair services be easier? Our blog post will discuss both possibilities and highlight some important tips on how to make the most out of the situation.

What Are the Usual Requirements for Renting a Stairlift?

It is important to note that legal stairlift traders are always ready to conduct rental and purchasing offers. Each individual client is unique, so the wisest choice will not always be the same for everyone. Some customers do not qualify for a rental because their staircases might be too different than normal ones. Examples could be stairlifts which are on top of curved stairs or are extremely long. In these cases, if someone rents a largely-unique stairlift, and one day chooses to give it back, the producer will have a hard time finding a new client. The problem is being “too-custom.”

The provider will have to cover some points before deciding on a new rental deal:

  • Is the staircase straight and for indoors use? This option is highly-preferable.
  • How many steps are there? Anywhere between 8 and 16 will do.
  • Will there be intermediate landings? The answer should be no.

Always ask for a quick, free consultation. Explain how your staircase looks like, and how you would prefer the stairlift to work. If you had the correct answers to the questions above, then it is highly likely you will qualify for a rental. Always discuss with the dealer to ensure you are covered no matter which option you choose.

Finalizing the Best Possible Choice

stairlift servicing,stairlift repair and installation servicesBefore making the final decision, you need to research other brands. Compare their offers with your current dealer. Having the option for a quick stairlift installation as well as periodic stairlift repair and maintenance is a must. Note that some companies would prefer to rent out low-quality products without actually offering any stairlift servicing. To avoid them and guarantee you make the right choice, there are some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • Does the stairlift have a stable seat which will be able to lock at the top and bottom and guarantee you will safely sit or get up?
  • Is there a backup battery? During blackouts, you will need it
  • What is the weight capacity of the stairlift? If it is around 350 lbs, you are good to go
  • There should be a standard seatbelt. The lack of such is a sign of unprofessional practices
  • Ask for the different types of safety features. During stairlift servicing, you must learn if there are features like overload and speed detectors
  • Always ask for a future maintenance plan. Once per year, a team of mechanics should check your installation to ensure everything is working as it should

Stairlift Servicing: The Final Decision

Most dealers will ask for a rental period of at least a few months as the installation process is too laborious. If you are planning on renting for the long-term, you could consider eventually buying off the stairlift. If it vital to understand the value a new stairlift will bring to your home. Whether you choose to rent or purchase, you will have much to gain. Mobility will be easier and safer than before.


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