Taking care of family members with disabilities can be hard at times because it requires serious responsibility. One specific task you need to deal with is providing a safe environment for movement. A common health hazard could be the stairs. In the USA alone, hundreds of thousands of people suffer related injuries every year. While ordering a new Brooklyn stairlift will greatly improve the safety of the home, some risks are still there.

The elderly are more likely to suffer from such incidents. To reduce the risks to the minimum and create a safe home, our blog will discuss six stairlift safety tips.

Stairlift Servicing BrooklynMake Them More Visible

A good idea to start with would be to improve the visibility surrounding your stairs. They must be lit. Not too much to annoy the eyes; not too little so everything looks clear. A number of small lamps looking directly at the steps would be ideal. You can use lighting to create a path as well. Be sure to make the floors below and above the staircase as visible as possible.

A Stable Floor Surface

Decorating the floor with carpets does look stylish. They are popular amongst different cultures and greatly alter how people see a house. However, it is important to arrange the carpet so it lies flat. A messy carpet might be dangerous for anyone passing by. Falling on the ground can be fatal for anyone; especially for the elderly or people with disabilities. Going on or off your Brooklyn Stairlift can be dangerous if you are stepping on a carpet or rug. Always wear slippers or similar shoes with a grip to be more stable.

Having Strong Railings

The stairlift rail should be to one side and the railings to the other. By doing this, you will minimize the chance of someone falling on or off the stairs. The good thing is railings are not expensive but will greatly improve home security. They could be metal, wooden, glass, or other types. While working on your stairlift installation NJ, we will make sure the rails are stable no matter if they lie on the steps or are attached to the wall.

Keep Clean

Dust or liquids could cause someone to slip or do damage to your stairlift. Keeping clean and polishing the surfaces of the ground and engine will save you a lot of trouble. There are countless other benefits in having a tidy home.

Being Active is Healthy

Movement is health. Doing regular exercises is good for the wellbeing on anyone. Even the elderly could partake in specific activities. A person who stays fit and healthy could more easily avoid falling down from a staircase or stairlift.


Count on the Best Stairlift Servicing Brooklyn

Stairlift Pro Inc. can help you maintain a safe home environment by providing the best stairlift installation NJ and stairlift servicing Brooklyn. We have a 24-hour emergency team ready to assist you at any time you need them. We also offer special bonuses to our veterans. Stairlift Pro Inc. will integrate your Acorn Brooklyn Stairlift quickly and efficiently while providing a safe environment for the clients. We take your security seriously and will do our best to greatly minimize the risk of any accidents occurring.

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