If you ever have the need to remove and sell a stairlift, read on to learn a few quick tips. Do it efficiently and make the most out of it.

Sooner or later, for all sorts of reasons, we will have to remove a stairlift. Perhaps the house is on sale, or a large repair is underway. Perhaps you no longer need the stairlift, or you are planning on buying a new one. Often, the manufacturer won’t have interest in doing this and will leave you on your own. There is another issue – second-hand stairlifts lose most of their initial cost. This rule is true for curved stairlifts as they have a unique form and won’t fit in most other buildings. But, hope is not lost because there are a few ways to make a profit out of this.

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Part Exchange

Perhaps you want to change your old stairlift with a new one. Try to ask the provider and do a part exchange. They will supply you with a new product while removing the old one. By doing this, you will get some of your money back as a discount.

Sell it Yourself

If you no longer need it, you can always try to sell the stairlift by yourself. The process is not easy though. While websites such as eBay can help you out, the process of removing will take time. You will also need perfect communication.

Ask for Someone to Remove it

If the stairlift is getting old, you might want to get it out. Sometimes stairlift repair is too much work. Usually, you will have to pay a small fee. However, as long as the stairlift is not too old, you might do everything for free. Ask different companies and find the best solution. If you can’t sell a stairlift, go for a free removal.

Why is There a Removal Charge?

While removing newer straight stairlifts might not cost you anything, older or curved ones will. Curved stairlifts require at least two engineers and more work. They are larger, heavier, and have weird form. Moving the parts around is not an easy take and requires two people working on it at once.

It depends on what stairlift you have. If you can’t efficiently remove and sell a stairlift, go for the third option and seek removal with the smallest fees possible.

Also, note – companies who remove stairlifts will have to properly dispose of the parts. The work is not easy. There are environmental rules in play. Since every stairlift haves different parts, the company will need to allocate and send them to appropriate recycling plants.

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