Today, technology is far more advanced than ever before. What was “impossible” centuries ago is now part of our everyday life. The same goes for stairlifts. They are one of the greatest developments of our time. Across the world, millions of people have access either to a personal or public stairlift. How did it all start? We will explain by providing a brief history of stairlifts.

A Brief History of Stairlifts

We can thank C.C. Crispen for his invention. He was an engineer and entrepreneur from Pennsylvania who, during the 1920s, managed to create the first stairlift. The invention helped a friend of his with traveling from one floor to another. The idea grabbed the nation’s attention, and soon a wave of newer models began appearing on the market. The process of modernization continues up until this day. With every passing year, the technology becomes safer, easier to use, and more affordable.

In 2009, the historian David Starkey provided proof of a stairlift system from centuries ago. He stated King Henry VIII had a chair, part of a block and tackle system, which servants would move up and down the stairs. There are a few other, similar examples of such chairs throughout history.


The Development in Recent Decades

Unlike today’s, older stairlifts were attached to both the stairs and walls. If someone tried to remove them, there was a huge risk of causing damage to the building. Right now, we use stronger rails and attach them only to the stairs. This way, there is almost no risk of causing property damage. The newer models are faster to construct as well. Walls will remain the same as they were before, and you will never have to worry about them.

Another great example of progress would be safety. Unlike in the past, our stairlifts have seat belts, foot and armrest, and other new features. Stairlifts also have protection against power blackouts. Newer models have strong batteries which allow you to move even if there has been no power for days.

Operating is easier than before, and the weight capacity is higher. Stairlifts can also be individual and cater to anyone’s specific needs. The goal is giving freedom to the clients. With time, stairlifts are also becoming accessible to more and more people across the planet. We hope this blog regarding brief history of stairlifts was helpful.


Since their invention up until now, there were many upgrades and improvements to stairlifts. Our company carefully takes every opportunity into consideration by offering you the best models possible. Stairlifts Pro Inc. is a market leader.

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